About The Bowery Girl

My name is Sarah. I’m a writer and photographer whose weekly column in a small community newspaper many moons ago was called The Bowery. It was irreverent, opinionated,  funny and was a wonderful outlet for me. When I stopped writing The Bowery, I developed a backlog of sarcasm, opinions and humour which resulted in a serious pain right, here. No, over HERE.

I am a Child of the 70s who is raising two boys in the New Millennium. I have great husband, who is such a wonderful guy, that he snagged himself an incredible wife! I don’t mention any of them by name, because I can’t afford the counselling that would be required later on, nor the court settlement needed for a libel suit.

So “About” Sarah? I write, but I’m not a philosopher. I’m a photographer, but not because I just discovered digital photography (I started when I was 10 on a Brownie – Google it!). I’m a mother, but this isn’t a Mommy Blog. My glass is always half full and I can find the humour in just about anything. While I write for myself, I do enjoy an audience and any feedback is welcome. I have broad shoulders!

Enjoy The Bowery Girl. Feel free to share with a friend.

All content is copyright of The Bowery Girl. Any use or reproduction of images or text without written consent of the author is prohibited.

4 thoughts on “About The Bowery Girl

  1. Lol! You are funny! I enjoy writing and am working on a novel. I hope to be published one day. It is admirable that you had a column. Any suggestions for a newby? I just started blogging and am loving it so far.

  2. Thank you for your comments Mamalisa4! All I can say is that write as much as you can – and then go back and read your work after a few weeks. It’s interesting to self-edit and see where you might have improved/changed. You have to find your theme and stick to it. If it’s writing about your kids, go with that. The only advice about kid writing that I would offer is not to give out details about them such as where you live, what school, their names. Both my sons know I write the blog and if there is a theme about them I run it by them first.
    It’s a wonderful way to chronicle your wee-baby years, so ENJOY! 🙂

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