Hello world!

Are you ready for The Bowery?

For those of you who have been patient enough to follow me from my previous life on Blogger, THANK YOU! For those of you who are masocists, feel free to check out thebowerygirl.blogspot.com and see if your brain explodes before your computer does.

In spite of feeling like I’m starting over, I do like the idea of a clean slate, to get some ideas together and be organized in my writing.

So, who am I and what gives me the right to thing I have anything to contribute to the World Wide Web? I’m Sarah. I started The Bowery in a weekly community paper that I was employed by during the first stage of my working life. I have some pretty firm opinions and while I do like to share my opinion, I respect the fact that I’m not the only one. I’m open to learning and feel we all have something to give. (Some of us should give a little less than others…)….which leads me into the final thing you need to know about me. I have a bent sense of humor. Irreverent – yes, politically correct, not always.

I am a mom and a wife, which means nothing, other than I have a lifetime of material, when it comes to hilarity, heart-rendering poignancy and a heaping helping of reality. You can relate to me because we are similar – we want the best for our kids, want more for ourselves and are able to sit back and laugh at the stupidity that life hands us.


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