Silver Balls…er Bells

So Roman weighs a little less now than he did last week.

Being the responsible pet owners we are, we had him neutered on Monday. We figured it’s a lousy day of the week anyway, so why spoil a perfectly good Wednesday…or Friday.

The food went away Sunday night and the water was dumped early Monday morning. The fur baby was not impressed. He enjoys a good meal to start the day, just like the rest of the men in this house.

I got a call after the “deed” was done. He did well and had no issues to speak of. I was to pick him up the following day.

When I arrived for check out, I was presented with enough reading material to intimidate a Rhodes scholar. This was all deemed “required” reading, although the Veterinary Assistant made a point of giving me a rapid-fire overview. All the while, Roman is out of sight, but not ear shot – he’s going nuts hearing me say “Uh-huh” repeatedly.

It takes myself, a veterinarian and the assistant to get the cone on his head. Not. Happy. Roman knows cones are SOOO last season. The assistant helps me get him in the back of my truck. “Roman should only have short walks on leas for the next seven days. Running, jumping and access to stairs should be avoided.”

Too bad Roman didn’t read the material.

As soon as we got home, he leapt out of the truck. He couldn’t fit his head through the back hall – instead sticking to the wall like Velcro whenever he touched something with the cone. If I didn’t take it off, I’m certain he would still be standing in the hallway.

“Sometimes the initial excitement of returning home after surgery causes patients to eat and drink excessively which may result in vomiting. To avoid this, we recommend allowing about one hour for your pet to settle down before giving food and water.”

As soon as I got the cone off, he beelined to his dish which had half a serving of food in it. Inhaled would be an accurate description of what happened next.

He then bounded up the stairs to the kitchen, looking for more food.

The boys came home and he LOST. HIS. MIND. Then the Big Guy came home and he LOST. IT. AGAIN. Trying to keep him calm and reserved was futile. The licking would not stop, and I mentioned I would need some help to get his cone back on.

“Don’t worry about it Mom, I’ll do it.” said Second Born Son.

“Oh hon,” I chuckled. “It would take more than one person to do it. He really doesn’t like it.” I replied.

But the little man was determined, so I thought, “Knock yourself out.”

In two minutes he came back….

A Boy and his Dog.















Blown away, I was.

How's the reception in there?












This is the happiest he looked all evening. It quickly wore off.

So this morning, the boys go back to school, the hubby goes to work and Roman is stuck with me…. The licking hit an all-time high around 10 a.m. I figured if SBS could do it……

I don't think we are speaking right now...