Little Sister

I think it says a lot about my relationship with my sister to state that I can’t really remember much of my life that didn’t have her in it.

Whether it was watching my father pull her out of the pool in early April, fully clothed in her snowsuit, or wearing a swimsuit, swarmed by cats coming from every direction as she fed them dinner, I have had a front row seat for the life that is Little Sister’s. When we were younger, we were either best buddies or bickering bitches sibs.

As much as we were alike (she always wanted to pick the same chocolate bar that I picked at the corner store), we were very different (I never had a problem falling asleep at night, she would need some “wind down time” before drifting off – more on that later!) She had naturally curly blonde hair. I think you remember what my hair was like.

She is a free spirit, a young heart and big laugh. There are few mothers more dedicated than she, and she has been dealt – and endured trials that few others could overcome. I feel I have helped with that sense of tenacity. I like to take credit for shaping the person she is today!

It came from years of holding her hands after she pulled her mittens off and stuffed her hands into snow drifts. Either that or it was when I’d cross the hall to her room in the dark of night and pound the ever lovin’ crap out of her for failing to SHUT UP when I told her I wanted to go to sleep. I tempered her physically and emotionally which prepared her for life’s challenges!

Now, in one of life’s little twists of fate, I work with my sister. For her actually. We were recently asked how it was to work together – and neither of us could come up with an answer. Partially because we have always worked together, in less formal circumstances, and also because of the nature of our relationship.

We have always had each other’s back.


Happy Birthday Little Sister!



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