Picture Purging

It’s a bit of a vent goin’ on here folks, so if you aren’t up for the blast, head back to facebook.

I don’t talk about my photography here very much because I like to keep my words and images separate, but an experience I had over the weekend is still boiling me, and I think I’ll just feel better once I purge.

Last chance to swing back over to Pinterest….. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

After a photo shoot on the weekend, I had an email from an individual who wanted me to send her electronic copies of the images she was in. I wasn’t suppose to worry about doing anything with the image because she was going to “edit it.”

I was stunned.

I don’t pretend to be Ansel Adams, or Philipe Halsman, or even my college photography instructor, but the images that are created with my tools, with my eye, are MINE. Why would I turn over an image before it was cropped, color corrected, or even deleted, if need be? I cannot image a potter handing over an unfired vessel, or a painter walking away from an unfinished painting. Why is there so little regard for photography?

In fairness I think this individual understood how personal I would take her request. She is part of the larger problem, in my opinion, that is plaguing photography; the myth that ANYONE can do it.

By definition, anyone can take a picture. But not everyone can take a photograph. I’m sure Ashton Kutcher would disagree, since he is making a pretty penny selling the idea that anyone and their brother can pick up a camera and shoot like a “pro”. This is also fed by the misconceived notion that a camera takes great photos. I had numerous comments that the pictures I was taking would have to be great, because of the “amazing” camera I had. Ironically, these same people couldn’t tell you what kind of camera or lens I was using….or that the lens wasn’t fixed…or that I made technical adjustments with every shot. What’s an f-stop??? Reflector? Huh??

I could have taken this photo with a point and shoot, but I didn’t. I planned, plotted and perfected the shot. Take that Kutcher!!!

I will never be accused of taking myself too seriously. But I have learned to start holding my own creativity with a little more reverence. It’s the investment I have made into this form of expression/creative outlet for more than 20 years.

Needless to say, I responded in a very professional, politically correct manner, that protected my artistic license and satisfied the intent of the request.

Ok. Feeling much better now. Stepping down from the soap box. Back to your regularly scheduled program…




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