A Sense of Occasion

Pride, as a parent, is as thrilling an emotion as it gets. You see your child accomplishing something; be recognized for something; have others see him or her as the outstanding individual you believe them to be; for them to see it in themselves.

When Second Born Son told us his artwork for his school’s Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day Contest was selected for an award, we were thrilled. I think he was pleased because not too many boys have been recognized, so he was “representin”!

This morning, he asked what he should wear. I asked him how he’d like to dress.

“Probably something nice?” he said.

“Sure!” I replied, knowing he is not a fan of the shirt and tie.

“Like a button shirt?” he clarified. I nodded.

“Maybe a tie?” I venture.

He nods, not pleased, but not completely against the idea.

As we head out the door, he’s grabbed his dress shoes, without prompting.  He has on a good coat, without me reminding him. As we enter the Legion, he is greeted by the Legion member, an elderly man, who works in the schools. He recognizes SBS and comments on his appearance. As do other Legion members. He’s the only student with a tie on. Actually, he’s the only student who’s not wearing jeans. That’s not the point, and we’ve told both boys that. You don’t judge someone who isn’t wearing what you’re wearing. You don’t know if their wardrobe is a choice or not. For us, we like to dress for the occasion.

So as proud as I was that he was recognized for his artistic talent, I was equally pleased that he showed an institution like the Legion the respect it deserved.

2014-01-09 19.14.58

Way to go Bud!

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