None of Your Damn Business

DISCLAIMER: Forgive me if this post seems a little “sharp”. The topic has struck a chord with me.

By now, it is common knowledge that the very talented Robin Williams has died. While the shock of this news was enough to absorb, I am overwhelmed by the “fallout”. Sure, he was a celebrity, a “public figure”, but that makes him no less human. With a family. With a wife and children. Who are now dealing with the fact that the final hours of their husband/father’s life is being served up for public consumption like the latest Kardashian photo op.

I would NEVER want my father’s final hours made public.

I would NEVER wish for his memory to be hinged on the last act or the type of death he experienced.

It is a great enough loss that the world is without one of the funniest, sweeties, and most talented of actors, without adding the smear of private details. We know he died. We know he battled depression and in the end, killed himself. I don’t want to know how, or in what room he was in, or if he left a note.

I do want to talk about Mental Health, and how we can stop losing such beautiful lights in the world, because they feel they shine alone.

3 thoughts on “None of Your Damn Business

  1. Nicely stated ! Thanks Sarah. I am baffled as to why this has to be the focus.. What ever happened to confidentiality and privacy laws. He should have been entitled to this out of respect. AN awesome and talented man who had his own internal demons. it had to be hard to face the ongoing pressures of his notoriety of being talented and “funny” all the time. Depression is a difficult illness. My sympathies to him and his family.

  2. So very true, Sarah B-P. It is none of our damn business but it is our business to talk about mental health and to do something because this is happening way too much, to celebrities and our friends, to kids down the block and people we don’t even know. Robin Williams, RIP, and if you haven’t seen Dead Poet’s Society make sure you rent it. It’s great!

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